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India’s railway board Gk questions


India’s railway board

1) When did the first railway track laid in Indian?





Ans: 1853

By Lard Dalhousie . Train from Bombay to Dhana.

2) When did the first railway track laid in the world?





Ans: 1825


3) Where was the first double decker fly overconstructed?

A) Ahmadabad


C) Mumbai


Ans: Mumbai


4) What are the stations of the first double decker fly over?

A)Bombay to Dhane

B)Dibrugar to Kanyakumari


D)Haura to Dhanbad

Ans: Haura to Dhanbad


5) Which is the lengthiest platform in the world?

A) Gorakhpur

B) Chatrapati Shivaji Railway station

C) Secunderabad

D) Ahmadabad

Ans: Gorakhpur at Utterpradesh, length: 1366.33meters


6) Which is the first private railway track laid in India?

A) Gorakhpur railway track

B)Delhi railway track

C) Secunderabad railway track

D)Konkan railway track

Ans: Konkan railway track length: 760 km from Maharastra to Karnataka


7) Which is the lengthiest railway tunnel in India?

A)Chennai- Nashri tunnel

B)Khardhub Tunnel

C)Ghat ki Gani

D) Roughtang tunnel

Ans: Khuradhub tunnel near Goa which is 6.5km

8) Where is the first underground railway track constructed in India?





Ans: Kolkatta from Dumdum to Thaliganj

9) Where is the first underground railway constructed?


B) England

C) Newzealand


Ans: England

10) What is the first electronic train named in India?


B)Shaman e

C)Pune train

D)Deccan Queen

Ans: Deccan Queen from Pune to Kalyan(Kalyan)


11) Which state in India does not have the railway services?

A) Meghalaya

B) Bhopal

C) Gujarat

D) Madhya Pradesh

Ans: Meghalaya


12) Which is the lengthiest railway bridge in India?

A) Vembanadh railway bridge

B) Chenab railway bridge

C) pamban railway bridge

D) Godavari bridge

Ans: Vembanadh railway bridge length: 4.62km in Kerala on the stream Vembanadh.


13) Which is the oldest railway engine in the world?

A)Steam elephant

B)Fairy queen

C) pioneer

D) California limited

Ans: Fairy queen still can work


14) where is the first railway zone in Andhra Pradesh?

A) Gunthakal

B) Nellore to Bangalore

C) Vizag to Hyderabad

D) puttur to Renugunta

Ans: puttur to Renugunta in 1862


15) Where is the first rail come road bridge constructed in India?

A) Bangalore

B) Vijayawada

C) Mumbai

D) Rajamundary

Ans: Rajamundary- kovvur on Godavari length: 2.5km


16) Fastest train in India?

A)Sathapdi Express

B) Vivekananda Express

C)Gathiman express

D)Rajamundry express

Ans: Gathiman express speed:160km/he from New Delhi to Agra


17) Which train travels the shortest distance in India?

A)Samjautha express

B)Vivek Express

C)Gathiman express

D)Sathapdi Express

Ans: Samjautha express


18) Which is most luxurious train in India?

A)Maharajas express

B)Royal Rajasthan on wheels

C)The golden Chariot

D) palace and Wheels

Ans: Palace on Wheels


19) Where is the highest railway bridge being constructed in the world?

A) Sri Lanka

B) Jammu Kashmir

C) America

D) Australia

Ans: Jammu Kashmir on river China


20)  Train constructed for visiting village areas?

A)Village on Wheels

B)Village express

C)village areas railway

D)village visiting

Ans: Village on wheels from Madhurai


21) Where is the first Green railway station constructed?

A) Ahmadabad


C) Bangalore


Ans: Manval ( Jammu Kashmir)

22) Where is the first railway zone started in India?

A) East railway

B) South railway

C)west railway

D)North railway

Ans: South railway

23) When did the South Central railway start?

A)1989 November 1

B)1966 October 2

C)1977 August 15

D)1967 January 26

Ans: 1966 October 2 at Secunderabad railway station


24) Which is the first Modile hospital train in India?

A) doctors on wheels

B)Life line Express

C)Help express

D)Hospital on wheels


25) Where did the first railway museum start in India?


B) Mumbai

C) Maharashtra

D)New Delhi

Ans: New Delhi


26) Which country started first bullet train in India?

A) U.S.A

B) Britain

C) India

D) Japan

27) Where is bullet train being constructed in India?

A)Mumbai to Ahmadabad

B) Hyderabad to Jammu and Kashmir

C) Gujarat to kerala

D)Haura to Dhanbad

Ans: Mumbai to Ahmadabad


28) The budget for the railway is introduced during…….





Ans: 1924-25


29)Which is the first railway in India to get the UNESCO heritage?

A)Darjeeling Himalayan railway

B)Deccan railway

C)Nilgiri Mountain railway

D)Kalka-Shimla railway

Ans: Darjeeling Himalayan railway


30) Where is the head office of Indian railway ?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B)New Delhi

C) Gujarat


Ans: New Delhi


31)When did the Trans Asian railway project start?





Ans: 1992 between Asia and Pacific for Infrastructure


32) When was the IRCTC E-Ticketing introduced?

A)2001 January 9

B)2004 August 12

C)2005 September 16

D)2003 July 5

Ans: 2004 August 12


33) Which is first Superfast express train in India?

A) Bangalore express

B) Sathapdi Express

C) Gorakhpur express

D)Rajadhani Express

Ans: Rajadhani Express-Delhi to Houra


34) Which is the train that supplies medicines to the diseased people?


B)ride ribbon

C)Dhanvantari train

D)Garden radh

Ans: Dhanvantari


35) Which is the train started for the awareness of AIDS?

A)Red ribbon express

B) Dhanvantari

C)Gurabh radh

D)science express

Ans: Red ribbon express

36) Which is the train started for poor?

A)run ribbon express

B) science express

C)Gareebh Radh

D) Dhanvantari

Ans: Gareebh Radh


37) which is the train that explains the science and scientific developments?

A)Haura express

B) Dhanvantari

C)Science express

D)Gareebh express

Ans: science express


38) Which is the train that stops over more stations?

A) Haura Amritsar train

B) Mumbai train

C) Sathapdi train

D) Bangladesh train

Ans: Haura Amritsar train


39) Which is the station where most number of trains stop?

A) Secunderabad railway station

B) Chatrapati Shivaji terminal

C)Chennai Central Railway station

D) Kanpur Central Railway station


40) Which is the train that travels through most of the states in India?

A)Navayug express

B)Delhi express

C) Samjautha Express

D) Gathiman express


Railway Examination questions

1) Where was the first railway station constructed in India?

A) Sildham Railway station

B) Chatrapati Shivaji Railway station

C) Kanpur Central Railway station

D) New Delhi

Ans: Chatrapati Shivaji Railway station, Mumbai


2) Which one is the fastest train in India?

A) Jammu Express

B) Him Sagar Express

C) Haura Rajadhani Express

D) Sathapdi Express

Ans: Sathapdi Express


3)In which year is the railway board established?

A) 1905

B) 1910

C) 1920

D) 1912

Ans: 1905


4) What is the distance declared for the first train in India?

A) 31 km

B) 43 km

C) 34 km

D) 52 km

Ans: 34 km


5) Which is the first state to start the metro rail services in India?

A) Ahmadabad

B) Kolkata

C) Chennai

D) Maharashtra

Ans: Kolkata


6) Who is the inventor of train engine?

A) George Stephenson

B) George Beedel

C)George Washington

D) Martin Gardener

Ans: George Stephenson

7) In which year is the nationalization of railways done?

A) 1932

B) 1951


D) 1916

Ans: 1951


8) Which is the train in India travels the longest distance?

A) Him Sagar Express ( Jammu thavi to Kanyakumari)

B)Navyug Express ( Jammu thavi to Bangalore)

C)Vivek Express ( Dibrugad to Kanyakumari)

D) Ten Jammu Express (Thirunelveli to Jammu)

Ans: Vivek Express ( Dibrugad to Kanyakumari)


9) Where is railway staff college in India?

A) Mumbai

B) Secunderabad

C) Ahmadabad

D) Vadodara

Ans: Vadodara


10) In which year has the first electronic train been started?

A) 1920

B) 1929

C) 1906

D) 1908

Ans: 1908

11) Which is the fastest train?

A) Rajadhani Express

B)Sathapdi Express

C) Duramtho Express

D) Tejas

Ans: Tejas


12) Which is related to Rajasthan railways?

A) North-western region

B) Easter region

C)west region

D)northern region

Ans: North-western region


13) Who is the railway minister from 2014 to 2017?

A)Piyash goyal

B)Sadanandha Goud

C)Suresh Prabhu

D)Nithish Kumar

Ans: Suresh Prabhu


14) What is the strength of railway staff?

A) 1.5 million

B)1.9 million

C)1.6 million

D) 1.8 million

Ans: 1.6 million


15) When was the first double ducker train introduced?

A) 2005




Ans: 2005

16) which railway station consists ore number of platforms?

A) Chennai Central Railway station

B) Haura

C) Kanpur Central Railway station

D) New Delhi

Ans: Haura 23


17)  Who is the first non-congress railway minister ?

A) Suresh Prabhu

B) Sadanandha Found

C) Nitish Kumar

D) Madhu Dandavate

Ans: Nitish Kumar

18) Where is the head quarters of Concan railways located?

A) Navi Mumbai, Maharastra

B) Madhurai Tamil Nadu

C) Ratnam Maharashtra

D) Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Ans: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra


19) In which railway zone is the Khuraada road present?

A) North-western Jaipur

B) East coast, Bhubaneswar

C) South Central, Secunderabad

D) East Central, Haazipur

Ans: East coast, Bhubaneswar


20) Who is the first lady member of  indian railway board?

A) Meenakshi Sherma

B) Sowmya Raghavan

C)Vijayalakshmi Vishwanadh

D)all the above




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