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Qatar Visa Status checking complete information

Qatar Visa Status checking Complete Information

What is visa process?

Visa is known as an attachment along with the passport to enter or leave or visit a country once or multiple times based on your requirement. The visa will be valid only for the specific period for a particular country. Visa can be offered based on different category enlisted as like tourist, working, student, work and transit visa. These are most common type available in all the country. Entry to a country without visa attachment considered to be illegal and liable to be convicted as a verdict. Most of the visa area provided at the time entry. Few countries have a different procedure to follow, for entering into those countries need to apply for a visa before entering.

Qatar visa process

Qatar offers visa exemption for more than 30 countries to improve their tourism. The visa has different specification depends on the traveler’s requisition. The visa is approved by the Qatar embassy authority based on the requests posted by the foreign travelers.

Types of visas in Qatar

Business visa

Business visa is applied before the journey time. Business visas are not provided at the date of registration. It takes the huge process to confirm the application by the person who has sent his/her requisition. The person gets the permission only when the embassy provides check the details from the applicant view.

Tourist visa

This visa is provided for 14 days to experience the tourism around the Qatar. The individual who has applied for tourist visa must travel at the Qatar Airways. A tourist visa is provided easily compare with other types.

Joint-entry visa

Joint-entry visa is provided between the Oman and Qatar countries. This visa is valid for both the countries to travel between these two nations. But for traveling to other nations, this visa is not valid, and the traveler should obtain a new visa from the authority at the time of your entry.

Every visa’s to be renewed before the time of expiry. The renewal charge to be charged based on the type of visa provided. The visa costs are obtained at the date of entry or application process. It’s essential to renew the visa to continue your stay in a particular country.

Qatar visa application and requirement

When applying for the Qatar visa, need to follow few instructions as mentioned in the online registration website. The Qatar visa application to be sent via online with visa charges before your journey. There are different Qatar visa provided based on the requirement by the authority for the individual, family or joint, etc. For working visa in Qatar, need to submit the required documents of company details, contract information’s and working period and all. These things are checked by the ministry of interior Qatar.

Application process

  • The Qatar Embassy will not charge any additional fees for application of visas.

  • You need to submit the fully completed online form. Incompletion of forms, missing documents will be returned immediately to the applicant’s address.

  • The application is in the form of typed or printed. It should contain with full information.

  • The application fee collected as a non-refundable one also paid in the name of Qatar Embassy of the state of Qatar.

  • Attach your passport details with two recent photographs of the applicants.

  • For working visa need to submit your company name, letter and more for the entry.

  • Attach your details address and email id for contacting purposes.

  • Also, include original passport of the applicant with two copies of first two pages of the passport.

  • Keep in mind that incomplete application will be returned to submit again with the required particulars.

Qatar visa requirement details

The Qatar visa requirement details to be presented to the embassy. The documents like applicants official signed requisition letter along with personal information, the purpose of visit, travel ticket information. In addition to that, the applicant has to send the invitation letter from their relatives or friends who live in Qatar and also submit the details journey with proof. If the Qatar visa requirements matched with the applicants, then the Embassy will issue the visa for the particular person for a specific period.

Qatar visa charges

The Qatar visa fees will be charged at the time of entry or exit. The Qatar visa fees will be around QR200, and QR50 is applicable for the mode of application. This visa charge is valid only for one month. For extending this, you have to pay another QR200 for a month.

Exit visa charge

As like entry visa, exit visa charges are also imposed by the Qatar embassy. It may depend on the single or multiple exits. This also applied through the website by filling out the online forms. For single exit, the fees should be QR10. And for multiple exit permit, the fee will be QR500 with one-year validity.


E-gates help to travel easily from nationals or residents easily. This will cut off the normal time process also cut down the immigrations faced by the travelers. The e-gate card will be issued by the authority, can be done by inserting the e-gate card on the e-gate. You have to scan your fingerprints on the biometric scanners. You can get this card from the immigration office at the airport. The cost of this card will be around QR150 for a year, QR250 for two years and QR 350 for three years. It is valid only if you submit the identity card.

Qatar visa checking process

The visa checking process may include full detailed verification the candidate who has applied for the entry and exit visa from Qatar Embassy portal. The Qatar government monitors this process very keenly to avoid the illegal entries into the country. During the checking process, the person has to submit the copy of passport and identity of their nation and more. If any information mismatched with the provided documents the visa will be canceled, and the person could be charged for allegations. So it’s important to submit the proper details of your own identity and your friends or family member who has resident in Qatar.

Qatar visa status

It is one of the main processes that everyone wants to know about the visa status. When comes to visa status that you have to know like what are all the eligibilities it required before applying. These are the important things to follow whenever that you want to know regarding the visa status. Here some of the people that who are all keenly waiting to know about the Qatar visa status. For those people here we are sharing some of the instructions which help to check the Qatar visa status. Hope the given below instructions will helpful for you to check the status.

  • First of all, the candidates should visit the official link for the Qatar moi e-services at anytime. By visiting the official link, you can move over the further steps to check.

  • Once if you entered the official website, you could see the option like visa approval. Then you have to click the option of Visa approval.

  • After the above process is over, then the user should enter the visa application number along with the Qid number of an agent.

  • Now you can see the application status at the right time without any distractions.

  • For more details you can check the status in the official website.

These are the important steps that you need to follow for getting the application status online. Those people who are all wanted to know about the details can follow the official website.

Check Visa Approval status online

The important thing is first of all the people who want to find the Visa approval status via online must follow the official website at anytime. By entering the website, you will find an enormous number of options to find like Visa Approval tracking, RP Application Tracking and more. For this purpose, you have to enter the option called Visa Approval tracking. By following the option, you will find the number of empty boxes asked to fill. Now enter the Application number which should be valid along with application date.

After the process is complete, you have to click the Type which is available with Residency or visit. Choose as per the valid details. Entering all the empty boxes and click the submit button. Now it is the time to click the option Visa Enquiring and Printing. Fill the box with Visa number and the passport number along with nationality then submit the process to be continued.

Qatar work visa processing time

Most of the people aren’t aware of the processing time of visa. Also, this is the important process before entering into the Qatar. So without getting the approval after the process, you will not be able to enter the city. For this purpose, you must be sure about the processing time with the required things to proceed for getting the Visa. Basically, it has the two main steps that you have to follow at any time.

  1. The first process is about to check up the health like blood test and X-ray in the medical association.

  2. Once if you are eligible for the medical test, you are now allowed to scan the fingerprint

These are the significant instructions that you need to follow before the identity card is printed. So it will take a few days of time as per the priority. Also if you are waiting for the Visa to arrive, then you have to wait for 15 more days. Yes, it will take a time of 2 weeks for the visa. This is very important for the candidates to know at the right time.

Getting into Enquiry process

It is the process that every person will seek for the process to know before getting the visa. It is the important thing to know for every time by the candidates that who wants to apply for the visa. If you are looking for the visa to handle, there you need to know about the instructions and the stamping process along with the sponsors. These are the things which help you to go further and get your visa process at the right time. So people who are all looking for the stuff while enquiring, all you must need to know about the

Visa tracking

Visa tracking is the process that every people want to know that in the needy situation. When comes to tracking the visa, you should have the knowledge and the awareness before the applying for the visa at anytime. So tracking is always the best thing to getting into the zone of visa. You can also check out the residency permits inquiry which is mainly handled with the other inquiries as well. In terms of application and the other stuff for tracking must be very significant with the people that who are all looking for it for a long time.

Smart activation & company’s ID for individuals

As far as the process, it will take a smart activation for the people to proceed. So checking the status via online is always making your own time free and helps to concentrate on the further focus marks. Along with this done, you can find the Visa inquiry for the further process. Hence this is the main process that most of the people will take care of the system. To get your visa easily, you need to check the online processing system. Also, you will get additional options for the activation mode and the ID which is used for

Finals words

As we all know that most of the candidates are seeking for the visa to apply in Qatar. So what we have to do is to about knowing the facts and the instructions well. Hope the above-given information will clarify your doubt at anytime. Also visiting the official website is about to know the visa tracking and visa inquiry. By following the inquiry process, it will be very easy for the candidates to apply out for the visa. For this purpose, you need to follow the site with required details to enter.

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