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Lord Murugan Images HD1080p Wallpaper Download

Download latest murugan images hd wallpaper 1080p.Here attached new images for lord Murugan devotees.Just right click and save your needed picture or photo. Collect the best God Murugan images without searching in any other portals.

People can no need to go to other websites and search for Murugan images. Here itself we collected the best Murugan photos in HD. Just click on the God Murugan images to download them and set them as your wall papers.

For those Murugan images you can not need to search in other portals. Just you guys can have a glance here and collect the best Murugan photos.

In all aspects people are very much attached to devotional things all the time. One of the more powerful Indian gods is lord Murugan. He is very famous for providing children for the married couple and helpful in getting marriage for the people who are having Kuja dosha.

Coming to the birth of Murugan he was the son of lord Shiva and parvathi. The other names for lord Murugan are Kumara Swami, karthikeya, Skanda, Subramanian etc. devotees of this Indian Hindu god search for Murugan images. Here we are providing Murugan photos here in this portal. Lord Murugan images can be used as wallpapers in mobiles and display pictures for whatsapp and other social sharing sites.

Murugan images hd wallpaper 1080p download

From the ancient history Kartikeya or Murugan was very famous god around from Vedic era. The Lord Murugan was belonged to 1st century by the archeological department.
Lord Murugan married Valli and Devasena on an auspicious occasion.So he called as valli devasena sametha subramanyeswara swami..

murugan images hd wallpaper 1080p
murugan images hd wallpaper 1080p

As per the history available in Vedas and other devotional books lord Murugan is very famous god with more powers. His vehicle is a peacock with a snake under its leg. He was an iconic god for his attire and vehicle. Here in this portal we insisted the Murugan images which are very useful for people as well as devotees.

god murugan images hd
god murugan images hd

In some of the images Lord Murugan he has one head, but in some images, they show him six heads resembling 6 stars surrounded by his birth. A story was heard when lord kartikeya was born 6 stars surrounded him.

murugan images download
murugan images download

God Murugan images are used as wall paper for your desktops, personal computers, mobiles, tablets and for many more. You can also use them as you display pictures for face book, whatsapp etc. download these Lord Murugan images. After the birth of lord ganesha, Murugan was born to kailashanath and parvathi matha. After his birth he grown up quickly into a philosopher, warrior and destroys the evil in battles.

Tiruchendur Murugan images

baby murugan images
baby murugan images

Lord Murugan was the chief of the gods and led them to battle. There was a small story regarding why he got that post. Once upon a time, lord Murugan and ganesh had a race and they have to cover the entire river in the three worlds. As ganesh was fatty and heavy boy he went to his father as asked for the solution. Lord Shiva suggested him to pray for Sri Maha Vishnu and rotate around Shiva.

Lord Murugan hd wallpapers 1080p for desktop

murugan images hd 1080p
The gold colored hinduism statue of the god murugan at the batu caves, north from kuala lumpur in malayisa

To the surprise of lord Murugan Ganesha came out of the river which he was entering. This made him to left his ego and became the ruler for the gods.  Kartikeya, as Murugan or Subramanian, is a primary deity in temples of India as well as in Malaysia also. Tamil people live worldwide are the devotees of lord Murugan people particularly worship in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Reunion.

All over India six richest and busiest temples of lord Murugan are located in Tamil Nadu. The Kataragama temple located in Sri Lanka attracts Tamils, Sinhalese people and the Veda people. People are very much associated with lord Murugan the offer prayers to get their wishes come true.



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