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job interviews in Saudi Arabia

Job interviews in Saudi Arabia.

Today Jobs in Saudi Arabia

job interviews in Saudi Arabia

job interviews in Saudi Arabia

Largest beverage manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia urgently required. Clerk jre 12604, superintendent material control jre12602, logistics shipping office jre 12599, quality raw material technician jre12597, q.c. Superintendent 12594, utilities electrical 12592, utilities supervisor jre 12591, jre 12590, ac technician ure 12589, q.a. Analyst ure 12588q.a., materials specialist quality systems coordinator ire 12581, operating technician ure 12586, 12585. Welder ure 12584 stores clerk process engineer ure 12583 automation/pic technician jre 12582, maintenance supervisor 12581 and packaging supervisor 12580

To apply online visit:, Input jre code in “quick search box” and apply. Select -“print newspaper country “India”. Newspaper “employ meat nri times” jerry varghese international ltd.  jerry vauchese 206, gateway plaza, hirandani gardens, powai, mumbai-76. [email protected] , tel.: 022 67241623 641. For Chennai: tel.: +91-44-42266925email: [email protected], for Baroda: tel.: 91 265-6560122/2332359.

Email:  [email protected]

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