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Dubai Skydiving Prices: Dubai Skydiving Cost in Rupees

Skydive Dubai is one of the riskiest sports to play by the people. It is the game that players should go high from the ground level and jump it from the exit door of a plane. This is the thing which is generally happening when comes to skydive. Though many people are want to experience this toughest game during their tour.This is what most of the people thinks it is costly But not, Check latest Dubai skydiving prices.For those people who are all very much interested and excited to play this game can check out the list of Dubai skydiving prices and offers here.

Dubai Skydiving Prices

Latest Dubai skydiving prices Table.People who want to be a part of skydive there is no need to get panic about this sport to execute. Even though it is a tough task to complete, it will give you the best experience ever. With the best players, you are going to be a part of it with reasonable Dubai skydiving prices list. Let’s check out where are the other locations of this skydive generally happening in Dubai. To know more details you can follow Dubai skydiving prices Updated table. This gives you always the best solution for your confusing thought about the latest Dubai skydiving prices.

Dubai Skydiving Prices
Dubai Skydiving Prices

Dubai Skydiving cost in rupees

1 Dihram =18 inr

Dubai Skydiving Location


Dubai Skydiving Prices Explanation

Dubai Skydiving Prices (Dirhams)

Dubai Skydiving Prices Payment method

Desert campus


People can learn skydiving solo with the experienced sky divers


Experiencing the first time skydive

To play this sport, you don’t need any license or experience required


Cash/ Credit card


AFF Course with prepaid process

With eight skydives of FJC plus, you can pay upfront and save up to 1,700 AED


Cash/ Credit card


AFF Course depends on the category paid will be allotted

Per individual with the total cost of FJC plus over 8 skydives which include all rental that excludes repeats

11, 700.00

Cash/ Credit card


Category A FJC plus

It Includes First Skydive and First jump course with all rental equipment that excludes repeat jumps

2, 200.00

Cash/ Credit card


A-C1 Categories

With 2 instructors category costs will include all rental equipment that mainly excludes skydives


Cash/ Credit card


C2-E2 Categories

Each category will cost per skyline with the single instructor which includes all rental equipment and excludes repeat skydives


Cash/ Credit card


A-C1 Categories repeat skydive

With 2 instructors you can go for skydive depends on category



C2-E2 repeat skydive

1 instructor with repeat category


Cash/ Credit card



Depends on the student’s ability, you can get licensed. Generally, after 25 skydives, you can get a chance of License



Palm DZ


Tandem skydive for first time


Skydive Experience for first time in Tandem

To participate in skydive, you don’t need any experience required


Cash/ Credit card


With Gift certificate, First-time skydive

No need of license required or any experience to go for skydive


Cash/ Credit card





5,000 feet


Cash/ Credit card


Full Attitude

13,000 feet


Cash/ Credit card


Coached skydive

It includes lots of coaching slot, jump ticket and cost of coach


Cash/ Credit card



You can pay for cracker directly


cash only


Outside of video

The price which includes cost of video and camera flyer slot


Cash/ Credit card

Other courses

and events


Course of B-license

Check out Manifest directly


Cash/Credit card


Skill camping

Costs may vary and you can see individual sign up forms


Cash/Credit card


Course package



cash only


Groups, Military and teams


Groups, Military and Teams

You can also check manifest

Depends on discount

Cash/Credit card

Gear Rental


Experienced skydivers can participate



Price per jump


cash only



Price per jump


cash only



price per day


cash only



Price per jump


cash only


Emirates Aeroports Federation per annum

Depends on 3rdparty liability insurance

Renewal or Registration for 350 AED. It also covers palm for skydiving


cash only

EAF membership & EAF license is must

EAF Licence

Renewal/ Registration for 250 AED


cash only

Rigging loft


per hour


cash only



Reserve Repack


cash only

United Parachute Technologies & payable to USPA

Foreign membership




Vector/ SIGMA fee

onetime fee



Coach rating fee




Tandem Rating fee




Experienced Skydiver prices


Full Altitude

12, 500 feet


Cash/ Credit card


Hop and pop

5, 500 feet


Cash/ Credit card


10 Jump package

12, 500 feet


Cash/ Credit card


Coached skydive

Price includes cost of coach, skydiver and coach slot


Cash/ credit card

Dubai Skydiving Prices Q&A and complete information

Here check the q&a details of Dubai Skydiving Prices. For more information or any query related to Dubai Skydiving Prices. please comment below we will reply to you soon. Mention your comment as you required about  Dubai Skydiving Prices. The above table shows how the prices would be in skydiving Dubai.check complete info on Dubai Skydiving Prices

1. What is Skydiving

It is one of the best sports which mainly involve the skydiver to jump from the thousands of feet from the ground level from a plane. Once the skydiver jumps, it will take them to reach the ground level with the parachute while flying. For information, the jump from the top is mainly from the plane, helicopter, and hot air balloon as well at the level up to 13, 000 feet.

2. What is tandem jump and static jump?

When comes to tandem jump, you will jump from the plane with the support of the instructor and he/she cares the participant from start to end. On the other side, static jump needs experience that will jump from the plane by solo only without any experts.

3. What is a tandem parachute jump?

It is a parachuting which is mainly referred to a part of skydiving where the people who will connect to the instructor throughout the game. Thus the instructor will give the guide to the student that how to handle once exit from a plane and before the landing on the ground.

4. Any weight limitations for sky diving?

Participants who all want to be a part of skydiving should have a maximum level of weight of 100 kg and for AFF students it’s about to the maximum level of weight of 109kg. The age with 18 above only allowed for sky diving. When comes to more than 70 age, they must be consulted first that whether they have an ability to skydive or not.

5.What is the pay scale of a Sky diver at Skydive Dubai for tandem sky diving?
As we asked most of the people that what will be the pay scale of a sky diver. Though it is risky sport to jump from high with the untrained person, it needs lots of experience to handle and also needs an eligibility as per USPA. There is a possibility of earning more 400 to 500 for every jump. To know more details, you can also visit the site of the Skydive in Dubai.
6. Where can I find cheap skydiving in Dubai?
It is one of the best parts for the tourists that who all are willing to be a part of Sky dive in Dubai. Skydiving is something that you need to experience at least once in a life time. When comes to best and cheap sky diving you can prefer at Dubai at any time. SKYDIVE DUBAI is one the cheap skydiving in Dubai to visit at any time. Here you can also get several offers before the entry.

How Much cost of skydiving in Dubai?

7. What is the best cost of Skydiving in Dubai?

If you are looking for the best Cost of skydiving in Dubai, then you need to pay for 1999 AED. Along with that package, you will also get the video and photos of your moment.When comes to Skydiving, Palm DZ Drop zone and Desert Campus plays the major role in Dubai. So if you are looking for the cost to go for Skydiving, you just need to pay of 2000 Dirhams. This is the reason most of the people preferring to be a part of Skydiving for a lifetime experience.
8. What is it like to go skydive in Dubai?
Most of them will visit for experiencing the best moment. Everyone wants to view from the top to the whole city and palm. Just take off to 13,000 feets and jumps from there with the instructor will always be the best killer experience that you don’t want to miss at any time. For capturing the moment of rare thing only most of them wanted to show their interest.

9. In Skydive Dubai, a videographer goes first and then the skydiver. How is that possible? Is the videographer skydiving in a wingsuit?
It mainly depends upon the team formation. Generally, the videographer will leave the plane before a fraction of seconds to capture the moment of the person. For perfect balance, videographer should have to jump from the plane bit earlier to bring some perfect candid.
10. How much it costs for the skydive in Dubai including flight and stay?
It is one of the most asked questions as well, that SKYDIVE DUBAI is said to be the most popular agency for skydiving. It is generally cost up to 1999 AED which means INR 35,000 for skydiving. However, the cost and the accommodation will be differing as per the height and location varies from others.
11. Do Dubai land prices justify building heights?
It is not that Dubai generally has low rise buildings, but the land is way more expensive than other surrounding places. As we can see the towers are generally from middle to higher towers which are generally taking this as the consideration as location, quality, views, and others.

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